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8” motorized photography turntable.
Can handle up to 65 lbs.



12” motorized photography turntable.
Can handle up to 175 lbs.
Capable of spinning mannequins and some adults.



24” motorized photography turntable.
Can handle up to 300 lbs.
Capable of spinning most adults.

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Motorized Turntable Questions

How long does it take a motorized turntable to make a revolution?
Our product turntables make one to two revolutions per minute. This may vary based on the weight of the object you are spinning or the power source you are using.

Do these product turntables rotate continuously?
Yes, all Arqspin motorized turntables rotate continuously and are designed for creating videos compatible with the Arqspin video importer.

My table isn’t turning on, what can I do?
Make sure plug is fitted into the table correctly. Sometimes they don’t perfectly align so take the cord out of the table and put it back in to be sure.

I am shooting a very small object. How do I get it to stay still?
You can try putting a piece of cloth or felt on top of your table, so the object has something to grip on to. Another popular method is using museum putty to hold the item in place.

How do I center my object on my turntable?
To center your object, you can take a ruler or measuring tape and measure to the middle of the table. Put a small dot on the center. If you’re still having trouble centering your object, be sure to use our DeWobble feature in our editor.

My motorized table is vibrating slightly, how do I fix it?
Occasionally, turntables will get bumped around during shipping, causing the gears to get knocked out of place. Let the turntable grind back into place by leaving it running for a day or two. This usually fixes the problem. It will not hurt the turntable to leave it on.

What size table is right for my products?
For smaller objects like watches or sunglasses, use a 9 inch table. For medium objects such as helmets or mannequins, use a 12 inch table. We also recommend our 12 inch table for jewelry, because it will produce a smoother spin. For large objects such as people, use a 24 inch table.


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