Manage your spins

A key benefit of the Arqspin 360 photography system is the fact that your spins are all stored and managed online, in the cloud. This makes it easy to quickly locate a spin in your library and facilitates collaboration within organizations. One group can focus on capturing spins while another team can perform post-production editing and distribution over your content management system.

No IT costs: Your library of spins is stored and managed in the cloud, meaning they are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Compare this to alternative 360 photography systems that simply produce a ZIP file of images that your team is then responsible for storing, distributing, and backing up. Of course, if you would rather host your spins yourself we can setup your account to accomodate that workflow.

Stay on top of performance: Want to know which of your spins is generating the most interest? Spin analytics are at your fingertips with the Arqspin photography system. See how many views your spins are generating, focus on activity within a particular day, and use the number of views to sort your collection.

Rest assured: Sleep easy knowing that your spins are stored on secure enterprise-grade servers operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your data is routinely backed up and made available to visitors all over the world through Amazon’s rapid content delivery network used by some of the biggest corporations in the world. The end result is that your spins reliably load fast when it matters most.

Edit anywhere: Need to adjust the brightness or contrast of a spin? Don’t worry about firing up Photoshop and debugging complex scripts. Instead, use the Arqspin web editor right in your browser to make common edits like adjusting the crop window, color balance, and adding useful product information to your spin like a SKU number. This significantly lowers the maintenance costs associated with 360 photography and helps teams of people within your organization collaborate effectively.

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