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Arqspin and iBooks

Arqspin also offers the ability to insert your spins into iBooks as HTML widgets. The ability to place spins within your own authored iBooks allows for more informative and interactive examples for your readers to enjoy. The process of creating and inserting spin widgets is incredibly quick and easy. All that’s required is iBooks Author, the free iBook creation application offered by Apple, and an Arqspin account with spins.

iBook widgets exist as previews within the pages of your book. These previews contain text and a thumbnail image of the spin. Once tapped, the spin becomes fullscreen and fully interactive, allowing the user to spin, zoom, and pan with intuitive touch gestures.

Creating Spin Widgets

In order to create insertable iBook widgets from your spins, simply contact us at with the spin IDs of each spin you’d like converted, whether you’d like your widgets to be in landscape or portrait orientation, and we’ll respond with your requested widgets.*

Locating the ID of a spin is easy. Simply find your spin on, and the spin ID will be the string of letters and numbers at the end of the url in the address bar. Once you’ve collected and sent us the IDs of your spins, we’ll respond with a zipped file of your widgets. The widgets will be named by their spin ID, and will end with the “.wdgt” extension.

Inserting Your Widgets

To insert your widgets into your iBook, simply open an iBook you’ve been creating in iBooks Author, or if you’re new to iBooks Author, create a new iBook and follow Apple’s tutorial. Once your iBook is ready for your widget, follow these instructions:

  • On the top bar in iBooks Author, click the “Insert” tab.
  • In the “Insert” pane click on “Widget” near the bottom.
  • In the “Widget” sub-pane, click “HTML”.

360 Spins with Arqspin and iBook Author

After clicking “HTML”, a blank widget will be inserted into your iBook, and the iBook Widget Toolbox will appear.

  • In the Toolbox pane, click the button labeled “Choose..”

360 Spins with Arqspin and iBook Author


  • Locate the desired spin widget on your computer’s file system and select it.
  • Once your widget is selected, click “Insert”.

360 Spins with Arqspin and iBook Author


Your spin is now inside your iBook! You can now manipulate the size, shape, background, and text of the widget. You can also preview how your widget will look and act without publishing your book by doing the following:

  • Click the “File” tab at the top of iBooks Author.
  • In the “File” pane, click the “Preview” button.

360 Spins with Arqspin and iBooks Author

  • If you have your iPad (or iPod) connected to your computer, you can choose to preview your iBook on your device by selecting your iPad’s name in the resulting pop up box, and then opening iBooks on your device.
  • If you don’t have your iPad connected, or you would simply like to preview the iBook on your computer, you can simply select to preview on iBooks for OS X. (If your iPad isn’t connected this is the default option.)

360 Spins with Arqspin and iBooks Author

Try It Yourself

Below is a link to download a sample iBook that contains some Arqspin Widgets. We’ve also added a download for three spin widgets so that you can try creating one yourself. Just click the link below, unpack the zip file, and then insert them into your iBook using the instructions above.

Download iBook Example

Download iBook 360 Spin Widgets


Using interactive 360 spins in iBooks is a great opportunity for vendors, teachers, and others to create an interactive experience that can better exhibit their products, lesson examples, or more to readers.


* Due to the constraints of iBook widgets, the orientation of the widget must be predetermined, otherwise the widget itself won’t fill the entire screen. This can be worked around by creating a portrait and landscape version of the spin, one to be inserted for each orientation.

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