Camera DSLR or other

Make 360 product views with your DSLR or Point-and-Shoot

Arqspin makes it easy to create high-quality 360 product views using the video camera you already own. Simply record a movie of your object making a little more than one full 360 degree turn (1.5 rotations is perfect) and import the movie into your account using our web importer. Watch the video above for a brief demo. Now you can take advantage of the benefits of 360 product spins without making a huge investment in complex hardware.

Use Your Own Equipment: Other 360 product view systems on the market require using complex hardware. The Arqspin photography system is different: we let you use the camera you already own. This results in great savings without sacrificing quality and lets you use equipment you’re already familiar with.

Easy Upload: The Arqspin system enables you to easily upload through our Web Uploader. Process multiple files at once and watch our servers quickly convert your data into interactive spins.

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