This is a before and after post showing how easy it is for anyone to create their own online showroom using Arqball Spin. All you need is our free app and a stage, available for pre-order through Kickstarter. The spin above took only two minutes to create, including capture, editing, and sharing.

You don’t need a professional studio – in fact, this spin was captured on the sidewalk outside of Artists and Fleas Market this weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We’ll be featuring some of their great jewelry designers on our blog, including this awesome necklace by Cynthia Catera of FSMNYC. You may have seen their jewelry in magazines like Seventeen or Essence, or featured recently on

The first step is to place the object on the rotating stage, center it in the capture screen of the app, and then press one button to start the capture process. The app captures hundreds of photos in just 20 seconds, and then compresses them to create a spin, all in under a minute. Then, it takes about one more minute to set a white point and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation curves.

The spin above was taken outside of the market on the sidewalk. The brick background is from the wall. You’ll notice how unremarkable the spin looks when we first captured it, because of the poor light. This immediately changed by adjusting the white balance using the bright white rotating platform as a reference white point. Even the shadows below the figure stand out. We then adjusted the brightness, contrast, and saturation curves to make the gold pop a bit more. Finally, we embedded the spin in our blog using one line of code, just like dropping in a YouTube video or a picture, by following the directions.

Below is a short demo video that shows each step of the spin creation process. If you think this is cool and want to create your own virtual showroom, please support our Kickstarter campaign, 3D for Everyone!