It can be tricky to create spins with a perfectly uniform background. In many cases, we agree that this should be the goal, but people often overlook the benefits of shooting spins with natural backgrounds. Not only is this much easier to do (no light tents, drop cloths, etc.), but a well chosen natural background can create a greater sense of intimacy, convey context, and produce an overall more interesting composition. Another thing to keep in mind: lighting is still key. It doesn’t matter what background you use if you combine that with the weak LED flash on your device or a single fluorescent bulb. Find a location with bright diffuse sources like a large sunny room.

Here are a few of our favorite “natural” spins:

“Camera Man” by Rrj3

The kitchen scene in the background creates an inviting and intimate effect. You get a sense you are right there studying and playing with this interesting toy.

“Untitled” by bezigeb

Great example of how a natural background can provide context. The jewelry cases in the background give you a nice sense of the boutique where you can purchase this watch. The lighting is also outstanding: the watch sparkles!

“Untitled” by bezigeb

Another interesting example of establishing context with a natural background. The composition is interesting too: the subject is in focus but occupies the lower part of the frame while the background occupies more of the frame but is out of focus. Capturing motion in the scene is always interesting, but tricky to pull off. In this case, it reveals the busy street outside, but the jerkiness can be distracting. (You can see these and similar products at

“Untitled” by hallmant

Placing similar items of whatever you are spinning in the background is another great technique. This spin lets you carefully study this blemish-free sample while also showing off the bountiful options. The perspective foreshortening along the window sill and counter also create a nice sense of depth.

“Untitled” by arqballer (recorded at Metal Pointu’s in New York)

This interesting ring is well composed in the frame with a quintessential New York jewelry boutique visible in the background. Note how the ring still receives the focus since it occupies most of the frame and the background is out of focus.

Do you have a cool “natural” spin you’d like to share? or a question, comment, opposing point of view, etc.? Post a comment below!