Arqspin feature enhancements

We’ve been hard at work this summer making improvements to the Arqspin software—based on what you asked for! We’re so excited about these enhanced features and hope you love them as much as we do. So, what has changed?


The old white point editor was a one-click process. You clicked the whitest area on your spin and the white balance would adjust. We had many requests for an undo button, since sometimes you might click on the wrong white spot. To address this we added the undo button, but went one step further and made this feature progressive. What this means is that now you can click on multiple areas of your spin to get it to the perfect white background. Start by clicking on the whitest point of your spin, and it will adjust. Then, click on any shadows or dark areas you still see, and those will adjust as well. It’s that easy! We think this white point enhancement makes it so easy to get to a perfect white background with much less editing time.


In the past, you would create or upload a spin and edit it within the editor. Once your editing was done and you hit “save,” the new version would be saved, and the original spin would be saved in your shared spins as well. We had requests to be able to delete the original spin after editing to make for a more organized shared spins page. So now, you’ll see two buttons in the editor—one allows you to save a copy, which will work how the old button did and keep both versions of the spin, and the other “save copy & delete original,” will delete the original and just put the edited spin in your shared spins page.


We love seeing our users share their spins in different ways. Spin GIFs or MP4s are great for sharing spins via email or on social media. Because so many of you were requesting your spins in these formats, we made it so that you can do it yourself instead of having to request these files from us. To download your spins in the new formats, go to your shared spins page. You’ll see on the right hand side near where you edit your spin text or click to edit your spin that there’s a new button that says “export.” To export your file as a GIF, click on the GIF option. Your GIF will load in a new window. Left click on the GIF and select “save image as” and save the GIF under any name you’d like. For MP4s, just select the MP4 option and the file will download to your computer. And just in case you’d like a still image of your spin, there’s a thumbnail option as well. When you select this option the image will load in a new window like the GIF. Left click, and click “save image as” like you did the GIF. We can’t wait to see all the great ways you use your new spin formats!

Check out this video and see these updates in action:

Let us know what you think of our feature enhancements. Is there anything else you’d like to see in our software? Let us know!