Cycling photography is one of the more difficult types of product photography to get right. Cycling products like helmets, shoes, and gears are often unique. They also may have shiny surfaces and many holes. This makes them difficult to display to customers. Plus, many customers in the category are discriminating. For these reasons, it’s important to get bicycle photography right.

We’ve found that 360 product photography can help a great deal for cycling accessories. We recently had a chance to get better acquainted with one of our customers in this space, Always Riding ( – a cycling apparel and accessories retailer in the UK. Always Riding has been an Arqspin customer and avid user of 360 product spins for over 6 months. They have a beautiful storefront and are doing things with cycling photography we thought others would benefit from knowing about.


Always Riding uses 360 product photography to help display helmets. Helmets are difficult to show online because they have holes and patterns that are only visible from different angles.

Below is an example of how a 360 can help a customer get a better sense of a helmet before purchasing:


Cycling shoes are often made of many different materials that can be difficult to convey with static photography. However, watching the way light changes as a shoe rotates is a great way to give your visitors a much better understanding of the materials. See the example below.

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Want to learn more about Always Riding? They have a inspiring story. Read more about them by clicking below.

Always Riding cycling product photography

Always Riding takes advantage of a number of Arqspin features, including:

  • 360 spin DSLR import
  • Online product spin editor
  • Dynamic embeds

They have added spins to their cycling photography by placing a “View 360” button right below the product image. When a visitor presses this button, the main image is replaced with an 360 spin.

Cycling product photography

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