We’ve had users ask us “how secure are my spins on the Internet” and “can somebody steal them?” While these are complicated questions, the answer is essentially, yes, somebody can steal them. But not without a great deal of effort. Anything you put online runs the risk of being stolen—copy, photos, videos, GIFS, spins, etc. That being said, nobody can actually find your spins unless you embed them online. Any spin that you decide not to post or are waiting to post cannot be found unless it lives outside of your Arqspin account.

If someone wanted to steal your spin, how would they do it? If someone comes across your spin on your website and has some technical knowledge of the Internet and web pages, they can find your embed code and paste that embed code into their own website. If a stolen spin has the Arqspin branding and someone that views that spin clicks on the branding, it will drive back to the spin page where it lives on the Arqspin site, which also has your username and whatever description or information you’ve included about it. If spin security is truly a concern for you, then custom branding is a great option. If your logo is on a spin, it will always travel with the spin. So if someone were to steal it, it would still have your logo on it when it’s embedded into their site. Learn more about custom branding here.

Below is an example of one of our international customers that has our highest level of security. They have custom branding, which is their logo, and this logo drives to their website.

A spin with secure branding by The Next Pair


A more complex way for someone to steal your spin is to pull all of the actual images from the spin and use those to create a spin in their own 360 viewer or a GIF of the images to create a looping video. This would require a great amount of time and extensive research into hosting and spin viewer solutions. Really, it would be more time and cost effective for this person to sign up for their own Arqspin account and create their own spins.

Our recommendation for anyone who is concerned about someone stealing their spins is to add custom branding to your spins. This means that your logo will appear in the lower right hand corner of all of your spins and if you’d like, this logo can link to your website or any landing page of your choice. To learn more about custom branding or to get set up, contact our solutions experts at [email protected].