David explained that he “fell upon a website that had these wonderful vinyl creations. My curiosity was sparked and I attended a workshop focusing on the vinyl art culture. At this workshop, two of the most renowned artists in vinyl creations were speaking about their experiences, Huck Gee and Carlos East from The Beast Brothers. They introduced me to the world of customization of vinyl toys. I immediately latched onto this wave and began creating my own customs.”

Arqspin’s 360 Photography solution has given David an entirely new way to archive and share his art. “I became interested in Arqspin as a way of capturing the 3D aspect of my art. Previously, I would take multiple shots from different angles. Spins give people an interactive view of my work. It is the next best thing to seeing my art in person. I post spins on blogs, forums, and websites. They help me market my work in a new and innovative way.”

David Kraig's studio

To see David Kraig’s art for yourself visit www.davidkraig.com and www.dkcustoms.storenvy.com. You can learn more about this community and see other examples of vinyl art at the following sites:


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