360 Spins of custom earphones made by Cosmic Ears.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the following problem: you find a cool pair of earphones that come in small, medium, and large, but none properly fit your ears. Cosmic Ears has cleverly seized on this business opportunity by providing custom earphones molded to fit precisely in an individual’s ear. Their custom earphones come in a range of colors and styles and, since they provide an optimal fit, they deliver wonderful high-quality audio.

Phil Gartell, the owner of Cosmic Ears, recently told us about his experiences looking for a simple and cost-effective 360 photography solution: “After a great deal of time and energy looking into 360 photography we always came to the same conclusions that such techniques are complex, time consuming and costly. Then came along Arqspin, a way to create 360 spins easily, quickly, and at almost no cost. This looked too good to be true but as we found out it is!”

“Arqspin is transforming the way Cosmic Ears displays and markets our products,” according to Phil.

Arqspin photo setup at Cosmic Ears.

Arqspin photo setup at Cosmic Ears.

Arqspin also improves the customer experience and reduces support costs. As Phil recently explained, “When we have questions we need to discuss with our customers we have started to use 360 spins to help illustrate what the discussion is about. This has vastly improved our customer support experience and reduced support case times.”

Perhaps most exciting of all is that Arqspin has created an entirely new revenue stream for Cosmic Ears. Phil explained that “we now offer our customers spins if they purchase our high-end earphones. We are finding a high percentage of our customers want these spins and are willing to pay for them.”