Bittersweet Clothing and Accessories is a boutique with locations in Lynchburg, VA and our hometown, Charlottesville.

In 2001, Shannon Iaculli founded Bittersweet for the one of the best reasons you could imagine: a friend dared her to do it.  And ever since then, Shannon and Bittersweet have continued to rise to challenges, thriving in the competitive world of local retail.

With a highly curated catalog of women’s clothing and accessories, Bittersweet has been able to cultivate a strong following among women looking for unique, wearable pieces.  The store is an experience in and of itself, enveloping you in its hip, small-town vibe.

Bittersweet met Arqspin because we, well…showed up at their door!  As neighbors do, we started to chat about business, marketing, and what Bittersweet was doing online.  We learned they had a website and active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Bittersweet’s Creative Director, Aleen, was kind enough to share her thoughts on the experience with us on video.  Click below to check it out:

Bittersweet had not experimented with 360 product photography before — like many small businesses, they didn’t realize it had become so accessible to them.  So, we brought over some coffee and a turntable and made a few 360 spins together.  We love how the spins turned out, especially with the store’s unique items visible in the background.

Meet our other Featured Spinners: