With the much anticipated release of the Apple Watch last week, we were excited to see that Apple features their newest device on their website using 360 product views. Each model has an interactive 360 spin, which can be clicked and dragged to view various angles of the product.

Apple joins a list of large companies that are using 360 product views, including Google and Zappos. We’re also pleased to see that Apple uses a similar interactivity and viewer as what we provide to our users at Arqspin. Apple most likely spent a great deal of time and money setting up and getting these spins live. Arqspin provides this same level of quality at a much more affordable cost and manageable time commitment.

The Apple Watch

When we took a closer look at Apple’s 360 spins, here’s what we can tell:
– The 360 views are composed of approximately 48 images, about 376k x 376k
– We suspect that these 360 views are digitally rendered, which we’re led to believe due to some of their other videos/animations of the Apple Watch, like the unbuckling one below
– The spins are smooth and seamless
– The viewer loads quickly, and has a similar interface to Arqspin. When you first land on the respective Apple Watch page, “Click and drag for a 360 view” appears below the spin. Once you interact with it, that text disappears until the page is reloaded
– The 360 views work well on mobile, even without a wireless connection
– The viewer does not have a zoom feature

The Apple Watch clasp

We think Apple’s use of 360 views for the Apple Watch is a huge step forward for 360 product photography. They obviously see the value in giving their customers a 360 degree interactive experience and we hope to see more large retailers follow suit. We’re happy we can give businesses of all sizes the ability to integrate 360 product views into their website in an easy and affordable way.

Doing a review of the Apple Watch or want to feature it on your website or Facebook page? We’re offering a free, ready made spin of the Apple Watch. Just copy the link below and paste it into your Facebook feed. To embed it into your website, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up with an embed code.

Apple Watch spin: http://arqspin.com/s/3h5o7mjpi3icp

Apple Watch: https://www.apple.com/watch