Organizing spins has been difficult for some of our users. To address this challenge, we’re introducing our new tags feature. Tags are the best way to give our users organization as well as flexibility. The benefit to using tags versus traditional folders is that each spin can have more than one tag, but it wouldn’t be able to exist in more than one folder.

If you sell shoes and make a spin of a Tommy Hilfiger red women’s loafer, you can tag it under “red,” “women,” “loafer,” and “TommyHilfiger.” An important benefit to tagging is its search capabilities. When all of your spins are tagged and you want to narrow down and view only spins of red shoes, you can simply search “red.” Or if you want to see all of your shoes made by one brand, you can search “TommyHilfiger.” 

Starting today you’ll see the new tags option on your account’s spin page. Now, instead of going into the editor to revise spin titles, captions, and tags, you have an option to edit them right on this page. Click the “edit text” button to the right of your spin to start adding tags. Once you’re done, save the text and you’ll see the red tags appear under the spin’s caption. Any spin titles and captions you previously created will carry over into the new format.


Arqspin tags feature

Tags will appear in red when you’re finished and hit save


We hope you enjoy this new feature! Customer feedback drives many of the innovations we make to Arqspin, so if you have any suggestions or comments about our new tagging feature, please write us at [email protected]