We love hearing from our users and we really try to use your feedback to improve our products. Some of the most common requests we receive have to do with spin editing in one way or another: “could you add a curve interface like in Photoshop for better brightness adjustment,” “is there a way to fix wobbly spins if the object isn’t perfectly centered on the table,” or “is there a way to remove parts of the background?”

Well, we’ve been very hard at work this summer developing a completely new spin editor with a load of new features all based on your input and we’re thrilled to announce that it is available in beta starting today!

Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot of New Arqspin Web Editor
Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.10.08 AM

In addition to the tools in our original spin editor (crop, brightness, contrast, reverse spin direction, title, caption, thumbnail, etc.), this new editor brings a number of powerful features that we think you’ll love.

New Editing Tools

Dewobble Have you ever struggled to position your object so that it is perfectly aligned with your turntable’s rotation axis? Fret no more! The new “dewobble” tool let’s you fix wobbly spins. Simply correct the position of the object in three frames by lining up the part that you would like to stay fixed with a red vertical line and, presto!, your spin is now perfectly centered.

Paint Brush Having trouble keeping that pesky black turntable rim out of your video? Use the new white or black paint brush to edit away unwanted parts of the background.

Curves Editor Do you like the curves interface in packages like Photoshop that lets you specify more complex brightness maps? Now you can do the same in the Arqspin editor.

Rotate Now you can rotate your spin images 90, 180, 270, … degrees with the click of a button. This will make it easier to fix issues that occasionally arise when you capture in landscape vs. portrait orientation with some video cameras.

Vibrance Control This is a much more intuitive control that replaces the “saturation” slider in our original editor.

How Do I Access The New Editor?

Starting today, you will notice a new button next to each of your spins labeled Beta Edit. Click on that button and you will be magically transported to our new editor, complete with all of the tools described above.

Illustration of how to access Arqspin's new beta editor.

Please keep in mind that we are still in beta and so you may encounter the occasional bug. If you do, or if you have some suggestions on how we can improve this new editor, please write us at [email protected].