Once your put your photos or spins on the Internet, they can really end up anywhere. Often, photographers or companies that create photos for a website will put a watermark on their images.

Why? You worked hard to create this content for your website, so you want people that come across these images either on your site or via another source, like Google image search, to know that they are yours.

Watermarking or branding your images will lead to more exposure for your brand. With a watermark, your brand will live with that image regardless of where it ends up or who sees it. A benefit of branding is that if someone comes across an image you own and would like to use it as well, you could give them permission to use it with your branding on it. This could potentially drive traffic from their site to yours.

At Arqspin we offer custom spin branding with our enterprise plan. This means that instead of seeing the Arqspin watermark at the bottom right hand corner of your spin, you’ll see your logo instead.

This spin has custom branding with the company’s logo


We see a significant amount of traffic coming to our website each week from our users that have the basic Arqspin branding on their spins. We get more traffic from this branding than from our emails, blog, and all social media channels combined.


If you have a custom logo on your spins, and you share them to Facebook, anyone that sees the spins you shared will also see your logo and be able to click on it and arrive directly to your website. This also means that if your followers reshare your spin on their page, all of their followers will see your branding as well.

Custom spin branding can also protect your spins from unwanted reuse. You’ve invested money and time to set up an Arqspin account, and have probably bought a turntable. You’ve made your own spins, edited them, and embedded them online. If a competitor that sells the same product as you do sees your spin and there’s no branding on it, they might be able to take it and use it on their own website without having to invest any of the time and money that you did.

We feel that custom branding is an important part of marketing and sales, which is why we offer this option to our customers. Interested in custom branding on your spins? Contact our solutions experts to learn more and get set up.