Gem Shopping Network Arqspin Interactive 360 Photography

I spoke with Jenny Deavers, who supervises Gem Shopping Network’s internet photography team, to find out how they capture so many spins and how Arqspin helps make the gem shopping experience more engaging. Jenny oversees a three person photography team that captures spins as well as standard product photos for the website. They have several Arqspin turntables, which they use for capturing spins as well as for shooting b-roll footage for the Gem Shopping Network website.

Because Gem Shopping Network hosts live shows, it is crucial for products to be on the website while the show is on air.

Jenny’s team captures the spins the day before the gems go on air. She believes ensuring the gems are completely clean is important for achieving a good spin, and they usually dedicate someone to cleaning and preparing the gems. The preparer also makes sure the gems are centered. Jewelry and other small round objects are notoriously hard to center, so Jenny created a template to make placement a little easier. Even with the template, Jenny says her favorite feature of Arqspin is the de-wobbler, which helps correct for any off-centering.

After the gems are placed, the photographer captures the spins in HD with a JVC ProHD camera with a Fujinon 5.5-88mm lens. They down-sample using MPEG Streamclip, and then upload their spins to the Arqspin editor. Despite the downsampling, Jenny says this gives them better quality spins than standard video recording. After the spins are edited, they are uploaded to the Gem Shopping Network website, where customers can interact with the jewelry as they watch the shows. Arqspin’s ease of use allows Jenny’s team to upload as many as 100 spins per day!

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