Here at Arqspin, we pride ourselves on giving you and your customers the best 360 interactive photography experience possible. Much of this experience is related to how your spins are hosted, and how your customers are able to access and interact with your spins. Spin hosting is built into your Arqspin subscription, but we still get a lot of questions about self-hosting your spins.

Letting Arqspin host your spins is similar to using Youtube or Vimeo for video hosting. You still control how spins are shown on your site, but we handle all the technical aspects of delivering your spin to the viewer. We described the advantages of letting Arqspin host your spins in our blog article 7 Benefits of Arqspin Data Hosting, but we didn’t really delve into the dangers of self-hosting. If you are still contemplating self-hosting your spins, read on to see why hosting your own spins is just not worth it.


Arqbox LED Light Tent for Product Photography

Introducing the Arqbox Light Tent

Professional quality photos all have one thing in common – excellent lighting. We have talked many times about the importance of proper lighting when photographing products or creating spins, and are now happy to offer the Arqbox- a portable LED light tent for product photography.

“What camera should I get?” is a question that we get asked a lot at Arqspin. It’s an important one, but the question you should really be asking is this: “what photography lighting should I get?”

Having the newest camera can make a big difference if you’re in a low light scenario or shooting objects in motion, but you won’t face these situations when taking product photography. If you have any modern DSLR, point-and-shoot, or even a smartphone, it’s likely that investing in lighting will improve your product photography more than investing in a new camera.


Near the end of September, Arqspin was offered the exciting opportunity by our friends over at Tenacious Toys to travel to New York City to attend and participate in the 2015 New York Comic Con hosted in the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center. Excited about the chance to display some creative uses for our 360 degree photography platform, we decided to create an opportunity for the thousands of costumed attendees to create free spins of themselves in their intricate and creative outfits they’d designed for the weekend, all of which you can view here at our Comic Con site!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, New York Comic Con is an annual fan convention dedicated to comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Fans and enthusiasts descend on New York City to visit hundreds of exhibits displaying unreleased media, unique collectibles, celebrity panels, and much more. Attendance to the convention has steadily risen throughout the years, reaching over 150,000 attendees in 2014. A common activity among guests, called cosplaying, is to dress in impressive and creative costumes emulating the characters and creations within their favorite media that they know and love. It’s with this in mind that we set out to create free visual souvenirs of their costumes that they dedicated their time and passion into creating.

After arriving at the convention we set up our booth and began creating spins of attendees. After explaining how yes, they were free, and no, it wouldn’t took long at all, guests excitedly posed on our turntable for a quick spin taken simply with an iPhone 6. After creating their spins, guests then added their own tag and the spins were uploaded to our website at where they can be found and shared. To see all the amazing costumes we created spins of during our stay at New York Comic Con, checkout out our website at!


With the much anticipated release of the Apple Watch last week, we were excited to see that Apple features their newest device on their website using 360 product views. Each model has an interactive 360 spin, which can be clicked and dragged to view various angles of the product.


A product photography background is an essential part of your studio setup. You want a well lit, white (usually), seamless background to achieve photos that are detailed and not ruined by harsh light or shadows. A proper background also reduces the amount of post production work that’s needed. You can buy, or make, your background for your photo studio, depending on your budget and how much time you’d like to invest in getting it set up. Here’s some options for both.


Product photography is essential to any e-commerce site, but it doesn’t always have to be the same white backdrop, DSLR, Photoshop song and dance. Besides the necessary lighting and setup, there are a range of unique product photography tools out there to ease or enhance your process. Here are some of our favorites.


Google 360 product images launched in 2012. Just recently, Google Shopping updated its mobile features, so you can now see 360 product views of items right on your phone or tablet. Below is what Google 360 product images look like. To experience one of their 360 product views in action for yourself, search for “Google Nexus 10” and click on the “3D” link that appears over the Nexus 10 photo.


Arqspin customers are free to create unlimited spins so they can capture the perfect view of their products. But where do these spins go? To the cloud—a network of computers distributed around the world that store your data. We host your spins using Amazon’s CloudFront Content Delivery Network. We get a lot of questions about how our data hosting service works and why it’s a good idea to let us host your spins, so we thought we’d compile a list of benefits.


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