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Arqspin is constantly working to improve our service so that you can better serve your customers. To better support our web-based zoom viewer, we have re-architected our image and video servers to deliver data at exactly the resolution needed on-the-fly! This ensures that the spin data perfectly matches the resolution on the screen, without any blurring or resampling artifacts, while also creating the smallest filesize possible without sacrificing quality. In addition, our servers now all support HTTP/2 connections, which removes any overhead when multiple data sources are required. Combined with our intelligent progressive loading strategy, this means even faster load times for 360 spins! These improvements have been automatically rolled out to our web-based spin viewer, so you don’t need to make any changes to benefit.


Arqspin 360 interactive photography zoom feature

We are thrilled to announce zoom support in the Arqspin 360 spin viewer! You already know that Arqspin boosts engagement, confidence, and sales while decreasing returns. Now we’ve enhanced our interactive 360 experience: double clicking a spin will zoom in to the highest resolution images available. This update is automatic, so you don’t need to change anything about the way you use Arqspin software.

The zoom feature allows users to focus in on specific details of your spins in high resolution. One of the greatest things about interactive 360 photography is the confidence it gives your customers by providing a realistic sense of your product. Now your potential buyers will get an even more interactive experience and a better feel of your products.


ArqspinAPIAn API (application-programming interface) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a web-based software application or web tool. Here at Arqspin, we offer a search API to our users so that they can seamlessly integrate large volumes of spins into their website.

Best Buy Canada, the first of our users to implement the Arqspin Query API, has used it to quickly add spins to thousands of their product pages through our platform.

Arqspin is normally used to create black or white backdropped 360 product images. But lately we’ve been thinking about new ways to use our system, and we came up with the Arqspin Product Pano Spin. The way it works is you put your product AND your camera or smartphone on a turntable together. Put them directly across the table from one another so that when the turntable spins, the camera is constantly facing the product and capturing the environment spinning around it.


If you read our recent article about hosted data, you’ll recall that a major benefit of having Arqspin host your spins is that it gives you access to the full set of optimizations in our spin viewer. We thought it would be helpful to tell you more about what makes our viewer great and why it’s such an integral part of your investment in Arqspin.


We love seeing how our users implement 360 spins into their websites. But did you know you can use your spins as animated GIFs, too? GIFs, or graphics interchange format, are supported by nearly every web browser and email client. GIFs allow you to embed a short, looping video of your spin into a range of media without the need to be clicked on to display the content. As attention spans on the Internet continue to dwindle, GIFs are a quick and easy way to catch your audience’s attention. Here are three ways you can use your 360 spins as GIFs:


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