Chloe & Bella nail polish

Chloe & Bella is a handcrafted nail polish company based in Orlando Florida, that owner Barbara L’Homme says “is all about beauty!”

Barbara started the company in early 2014 to fulfill her desire to be creative. She is the sole owner of Chloe & Bella, which means that she does everything from sourcing ingredients, to designing and creating the final products, to marketing and selling the products.



Motorcycles 508’s GoPro camera rigging for capturing 360 spins


Alan Veracka, owner of Motorcycles 508, has been selling motorcycles all his life. “We started in the business in 1978 so I’ve been doing it for 36 years,” he says.

Motorcycles 508, based in Brockton, Massachusetts, sells “a little bit of everything,” from $2,000 motorcycles to $20,000 ones. Their customer base is a large mix, which includes 20-somethings along with Harley guys in their 50s. They also have an online store where they sell helmets and motorcycle apparel. Motorcycles 508 has been using Arqspin for its online business for about six months. Just recently, they began experimenting with a GoPro camera and some rigging to capture 360 spins of motorcycles.


Best Buy Canada's 360 Photo Studio

Best Buy Canada’s 360 photo studio


Best Buy Canada has been an Arqspin customer since 2012, and has created thousands of high quality spins with their incredible 360 photography studio. They use these spins for Best Buy, and for their subsidiary company Future Shop, Canada’s largest consumer electronics retailer. One of the things Best Buy likes about Arqspin is the speed and efficiency of the 360 workflow, which allows them to efficiently capture, edit, and deploy 360 spins on their site. A key factor in achieving this goal has been the Arqspin Query API. The API has enabled Best Buy to seamlessly and quickly add spins to any one of their thousands of product pages.


A new way of looking at industrial supply products

Closing industrial supply sales with 360 photography

Robert Quarantello is a sales and marketing manager at First Place Supply, a Houston, Texas-based industrial supply distributor whose customers can be categorized as the “DIY homeowner type.”

He loves working for a small business, where he feels like his input and ideas can actually make a difference. Robert has been using Arqspin on First Place Supply’s website for about nine months.


Bittersweet Clothing and Accessories is a boutique with locations in Lynchburg, VA and our hometown, Charlottesville.

In 2001, Shannon Iaculli founded Bittersweet for the one of the best reasons you could imagine: a friend dared her to do it.  And ever since then, Shannon and Bittersweet have continued to rise to challenges, thriving in the competitive world of local retail.

With a highly curated catalog of women’s clothing and accessories, Bittersweet has been able to cultivate a strong following among women looking for unique, wearable pieces.  The store is an experience in and of itself, enveloping you in its hip, small-town vibe.

Bittersweet met Arqspin because we, well…showed up at their door!  As neighbors do, we started to chat about business, marketing, and what Bittersweet was doing online.  We learned they had a website and active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.


David Kraig can’t remember a period of his life when he wasn’t interested in art. “I started sketching in my textbooks in grade school and eventually learned the traditional arts like paint on canvas and pencil on paper,” he recently recounted. However, it wasn’t until recently that he discovered an emerging movement called “vinyl art” (also sometimes called “vinyl creations” or “vinyl customs” or “vinyl toys”).

One of David Kraig’s vinyl creations titled “Old Man Logan.”

360 Spins of custom earphones made by Cosmic Ears.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the following problem: you find a cool pair of earphones that come in small, medium, and large, but none properly fit your ears. Cosmic Ears has cleverly seized on this business opportunity by providing custom earphones molded to fit precisely in an individual’s ear. Their custom earphones come in a range of colors and styles and, since they provide an optimal fit, they deliver wonderful high-quality audio.


This is the first piece in a new series called “Featured Spinner” where we will highlight someone that is using Arqspin in an innovative way to improve their online business, share their craft, connect with their students and colleagues, etc. We are thrilled to have toy collector Carson Mataxis (username ‘Mataxis’), creator of 3DJoes, as our inaugural Featured Spinner.

If you know someone that you think belongs in this series please drop us a line at


We developed a custom iPad app for the University of Virginia Art Museum (UVaM) that contains 360 spins of twenty sculptures and ceramics, like the rhyton shown in the photograph above. Although our setup included a high-end turntable and a Nikon D7000 DSLR camera, it’s important to stress that you can capture very good spins with a far simpler setup. The same basic principles and editing techniques described in this post would work fine with one of the turntables we sell on our website.


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