Gem Shopping Network Arqspin Interactive 360 Photography

The founder of The Gem Shopping Network hosted the first and original colored gemstone show on TV in the 1970s. This experience inspired him to share the exciting world of gemology with a larger audience through the creation of The Gem Shopping Network. The network first aired in 1997, and combines entertainment and education while showing rare gemstones and fine jewelry to their 40 million viewers. They believe in creating a fun and interactive shopping experience, and Arqspin 360 interactive photography helps them do just that! (more…)

Overland Arqspin 360 Software

Overland is a small family owned business based out of Fairfield, Iowa. It was founded by Jim Leahy, who hand-crafted beautiful, high-quality sheepskin coats, hats, mittens, and slippers- cutting and stitching everything himself. He set up the first Overland store in a small shop near the Rio Grande Valley. Jim’s popularity grew rapidly, and he employed local Taos artisans to help him craft his products. Today Overland has 16 store locations and a thriving internet business, all with a continued commitment to providing their customers with high-quality leather products. Overland uses Arqspin to provide their customers with interactive 360 spins of their purses, shoes and small leather accessories. I spoke with David Murphy, Overland’s photographer, to find out how Arqspin sets Overland apart. 


Arqspin interactive 360 photography VIAJIYU

VIAJIYU is a luxury shoe company that allows women to design their own shoes, and have them handcrafted by some of the finest shoemakers in Italy. Based out of Florence, they feature 16 different styles of shoes, each of which can be constructed in a seemingly endless array of exquisite leathers, suedes, fabrics and embellishments. VIAJIYU was founded by Nicole Still three years ago with the belief that women should take the road less traveled. They firmly believe in the #nohighheels movement, and pride themselves on offering both comfort and one-of-a-kind style to their customers. They use Arqspin software to capture interactive 360 views of each of the custom shoes they make, and then use that gallery to provide inspiration as customers embark on their made-to-order journey. (more…)

Marcone content studio featuring arqspin software and turntables

Marcone’s content studio featuring Arqspin software and turntables

Marcone is an appliance part distributor based out of St. Louis, MO. They started their company in 1932 when their founder, Harry Markow, went door-to-door selling rebuilt vacuum cleaners. Marcone is now the world’s leading appliance part exporter and distributer, with both domestic and international customers. Since signing up for Arqspin one year ago, Marcone has created over 15,000 spins. They average more than 85 unique spins per day, making them one of our largest spin producers. I spoke with Kati Underwood, the manager of their content studio, to find out how they create so many spins and how Arqspin helps Marcone stay ahead of their competition. (more…)

Antique Football

Fredericksburg, Virginia-based is a dream turned hobby turned business for owner Chris Hornung.

As a child, Chris dreamt of being an archaeologist, a football player, or an architect. After realizing that archaeology wasn’t as glamorous as Harrison Ford led him to believe and that his athletic abilities weren’t going to get him to the NFL, he chose architecture and ended up pursuing a civil engineering degree.

“I’ve been working in real estate development for the past 13 years, but never lost my passion for sports and history,” says Chris. “Ten years ago, while searching for ideas for a mancave, I bought an old leather football helmet on eBay and was instantly hooked on collecting and researching artifacts of the game.”

Teamwork poster

The Successories teamwork motivational poster


Boca Raton, Florida-based Successories is no stranger to motivation—you may know them from the motivational posters they’ve been selling for 30 years, the ones with the black borders and images of men rowing and words like “teamwork” at the top. So using Arqspin to motivate customers to buy their products was right up their alley.

Vincent Nero has worked with Successories for over five years, ever since he studied film production in college. Naturally, he loves using Arqspin and looks forward to making new spins.

“It’s very easy with the added bonus of being enjoyable and fun,” says Vincent. “You can hear me around the office saying ‘it’s time to spin!’”

Vincent describes their customers as positive people looking to continue to motivate themselves or their teams.

“They want to show appreciation for other people’s hard work and achievements,” says Vincent. “They build people up, because they know happy & engaged people are more productive and successful than those who just treat work as work.”

Vincent has been a fan of Arqspin for a long time, nearly backing our Kickstarter campaign in 2012.

“Because I wasn’t in charge at the time to make the decision to use your services, I bookmarked Arqspin and waited for the day,” says Vincent.

The “together we can” paper clip holder by Successories

This past spring, the launch of a new line of desk accessories, based on how colors affect people’s productivity, gave Vincent the perfect reason to start using Arqspin.

“The products are sleek but simple, so we figured this was a good feature to enhance & showcase the line,” he says.

The whole process of creating a spin only takes Vincent a couple of minutes per product. As a former film student, he was fortunate to still have all of his old equipment, so he brought to the office to create a DIY Arqspin studio.

“It’s just some white seamless held up by my old green screen rig, which is fancy talk for saying “a pole,’” says Vincent. “I have a single light with a lightbox to fill the room. Other than that it’s just a Canon Mark II and a tripod.”

Successories has measured conversion rate on specific products before and after a spin was added—and there has been an increase on those products after just a few months. They also get fewer calls about the products that have a spin, which Vincent attributes to the spins telling the story well enough to answer initial questions and calm concerns.

Arqspin has taken Successories’ online store to a new dimension, and has given Vincent something to look forward to when launching new products.

“I can’t wait to make it spin!” he says.


The Windsor Chair Shop is located in the heart of New Hampshire’s lakes region just an hour and a half north of Boston. Owner Marshall Ford has been building antique furniture reproductions for many years. While he does still occasionally take orders for other custom furnishings, he’s been concentrating on crafting fine Windsor chairs since about 1970. His son Kevin learned the craft from his dad, and has been creating Windsor chairs for about 25 years as well.


Home Delivered

Home Delivered has sold adult incontinence products for over 25 years. The Michigan-based family business delivers its products all over the United States, usually within 1-2 business days.

Andrew Kline, whose father owns the company, is the director of marketing for Home Delivered and says they’ve been using Arqspin on their website for a little over a year.


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