Princeton Audio

A Solution for Personalized Products

In their own words, Princeton Audio are “purveyors of high fidelity, portable, and uniquely hand crafted audio endpoints”. Their mission is to pair new technology with old world craftsmanship in order to give customers the highest quality bluetooth stereo speakers on the market.

With all of their products being meticulously custom built for each order, Princeton Audio needed a solution to connect customers with their personalized speaker build through a digital experience. After months of research, they determined that there was no better answer than Arqspin’s 360° photography software.

360º Images Made Simple


“Our customers can talk about their unique speaker as a physical product – and Arqspin is at the heart of that.”

  • Michael Pelland,
  • President and CEO, Princeton Audio

Expanding Engagement

After seeing this incredible response to their spins, Princeton Audio is looking to ramp up their usage of the Arqspin platform. They plan on documenting the entire process of creating the speaker – everything from the raw wood to the finished product – in order to build anticipation throughout the construction process for the consumer.

Moving forward, Princeton Audio is focused on how to become more involved in their customers’ experience, and Arqspin is at the center of many of these conversations. Right where we want to be!

“Arqspin has become integral to how we communicate our business from an ecommerce perspective.”

  • Michael Pelland,
  • President and CEO, Princeton Audio

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