Conscious Step

Raising Awareness with Conscious Step

Conscious Step is an innovative sock designer and online retailer, founded on the back of a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2013, with the intention of raising money and awareness for the primary causes of leading nonprofits across the globe. Their model is based on creating unique sock designs that represent and support distinct causes, then donating a portion of the sale proceeds to the cause represented by that design. Each sock design has a unique and distinctive look that accompanies their names, such as “Socks that Fight Hunger” and “Socks that Give Water”.

This is the kind of company that’s easy for us to get behind; a great idea with a positive impact, and great looking socks to boot!

As they were looking to launch their new website to promote their brand and associated social movements, they needed to answer the key question that all online retailers face. How could they create a better customer experience for a physical product in a non-physical space?

This is obviously a question that we take very seriously at Arqspin, and we’re ecstatic that our 360 photography software allowed Conscious Step to do just that, while giving them complete control over the whole process.

360º Images Made Simple


“You’re able to place the spins in blogs, email, and social platforms. In the digital world you’re not only extending, but increasing those engagement features for your customers.”

  • Sam Roberts
  • Director of Advertising & Design, Conscious Step

Thanks to the simplicity of the Arqspin interface, Conscious Step was able to quickly and easily achieve the high quality product spins that you see here. In addition, their small team was able to develop a standardized and highly efficient process for replicating similar high quality spins for each of their intricate designs moving forward.

“Arqspin has continued to enable us to test out new methods of advertising and marketing; strategies that focus around engagement and interaction on a deeper level.”

  • Prashant Mehta
  • CEO, Conscious Step

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