Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business. You want your customers to remember your brand, and associate it with your products. By incorporating branding into your 360 interactive spins, you make sure your customers associate your product with your brand. Branding spins gives you increased brand visibility while providing your customers with a more interesting product viewing experience. Because spins are interactive, your customers are more likely to remember the experience, and therefore remember your brand.

Branding Spins with a Branded Viewer

There are lots of ways to work branding into your spins. The easiest and most obvious way to brand your spins is by using a branded spin viewer, available to Enterprise subscribers. The branded viewer puts your logo directly on your spins, and gives your brand extra exposure with every interaction. To start experiencing the benefits that come from the branded viewer, contact us.

Arqspin branding 360 photography

Thanks to The Next Pair for this great spin!

Branding Spins with Reflective Objects

You can also get creative with brand incorporation by tailoring it to the features of your product. This technique can be used to overcome challenging products to photograph. Photographing mirrored objects is hard enough, but capturing a 360 view of a mirrored object can seem downright impossible. Most photography of mirrored objects relies on using image editing software (like Photoshop) to remove reflections or on using angles to capture the reflection and give a broader view of the surrounding scene.

We decided to embrace the scene and incorporate branding into our spins of these mirrored sunglasses by Swell. First, we printed out their logo and affixed it to a long strip of photography paper (ours was about 4″x24″). Then, we positioned the paper so that it curved along the open side of our Arqbox. The Arqbox gives even lighting which is important for all photography, but especially for capturing reflective objects.

Arqspin Branding Spins


You may also wish to use an extra backdrop to provide a curve along the back side of the lightbox. 

Arqspin branding 360 photography

Next, we set up the camera. The trick is to angle the camera and the glasses so that the only reflection visible in the lens of the glasses is the logo. It takes some trial and error to get the perfect angle, but once that angle is achieved you can easily spin multiple objects using the same setup.

This technique is perfect for mirrored sunglasses, but can also work well with other reflective objects.


We love to see how our customers are using Arqspin software! If you’ve done something cool with Arqspin, we’d love to hear from you. We might even feature your spin on our facebook or instagram!