We are very pleased to announce the release of a new version of Arqspin for iOS. This version provides full support for iOS6 and the new iPhone 5 layout, better Facebook integration, and includes several bug fixes and interface improvements. In particular, publishing spins over 3G and WiFi connections should now be more reliable.

This is the first piece in a new series called “Featured Spinner” where we will highlight someone that is using Arqspin in an innovative way to improve their online business, share their craft, connect with their students and colleagues, etc. We are thrilled to have toy collector Carson Mataxis (username ‘Mataxis’), creator of 3DJoes, as our inaugural Featured Spinner.

If you know someone that you think belongs in this series please drop us a line at feature@arqspin.com.


It’s now possible to see the total number of times your spins have been viewed from your shared spins page. Note that this is different from your monthly view total, which is displayed in your account page. We plan to roll out more fine grained analytics over time. Please tell us what you would like to see in the comments section below.

It can be tricky to create spins with a perfectly uniform background. In many cases, we agree that this should be the goal, but people often overlook the benefits of shooting spins with natural backgrounds. Not only is this much easier to do (no light tents, drop cloths, etc.), but a well chosen natural background can create a greater sense of intimacy, convey context, and produce an overall more interesting composition. Another thing to keep in mind: lighting is still key. It doesn’t matter what background you use if you combine that with the weak LED flash on your device or a single fluorescent bulb. Find a location with bright diffuse sources like a large sunny room.


For a limited time, we are offering to have one of our team members create a FREE SPIN of YOUR STUFF using professional lights, turntable, and backdrops. The goal is to show you just how gorgeous your items will look with Arqball Spin before you commit your own resources to creating a nice photo setup. We will also guide you through that process once you decide Arqball Spin is the right solution for you.


Arqspin Motorized 360 Photography Turntable
A motorized 360 photography turntable.

No 360 photography studio is complete without some type of device for rotating your objects. Fortunately, the Arqspin 360 photography system will work with ANY 360 photo turntable provided it makes one complete 360-degree revolution in at least one minute. No wires or bluetooth connections, no special speeds, no proprietary expensive hardware…


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