DIY Product Photography

A huge question facing any ecommerce business is how to provide a high quality product experience to their customers online. After all, it’s hard to sell a physical product when your customer can’t get their hands on it.

This is where great product photography comes in. Although good product photography equipment is traditionally an expensive investment, there are cost-effective alternatives that make producing high quality photos simple and inexpensive. Here is a guide for how to cheaply and easily put together a product photography kit for your ecommerce business.


Arqspin is constantly working to improve our service so that you can better serve your customers. To better support our web-based zoom viewer, we have re-architected our image and video servers to deliver data at exactly the resolution needed on-the-fly! This ensures that the spin data perfectly matches the resolution on the screen, without any blurring or resampling artifacts, while also creating the smallest filesize possible without sacrificing quality. In addition, our servers now all support HTTP/2 connections, which removes any overhead when multiple data sources are required. Combined with our intelligent progressive loading strategy, this means even faster load times for 360 spins! These improvements have been automatically rolled out to our web-based spin viewer, so you don’t need to make any changes to benefit.


Creative product photography is an important opportunity to show your audience that your product or brand is unique. If done right, your photos will stand out and engage your audience more effectively, drawing more clicks and eventually, more sales. Once you understand the basics of product photography, it’s time to get innovative with your process.

Here are nine great product photography ideas that will get creative your juices flowing and help you produce interesting and unique photos: (more…)

Gem Shopping Network Arqspin Interactive 360 Photography

The founder of The Gem Shopping Network hosted the first and original colored gemstone show on TV in the 1970s. This experience inspired him to share the exciting world of gemology with a larger audience through the creation of The Gem Shopping Network. The network first aired in 1997, and combines entertainment and education while showing rare gemstones and fine jewelry to their 40 million viewers. They believe in creating a fun and interactive shopping experience, and Arqspin 360 interactive photography helps them do just that! (more…)

Arqspin 360 interactive photography zoom feature

We are thrilled to announce zoom support in the Arqspin 360 spin viewer! You already know that Arqspin boosts engagement, confidence, and sales while decreasing returns. Now we’ve enhanced our interactive 360 experience: double clicking a spin will zoom in to the highest resolution images available. This update is automatic, so you don’t need to change anything about the way you use Arqspin software.

The zoom feature allows users to focus in on specific details of your spins in high resolution. One of the greatest things about interactive 360 photography is the confidence it gives your customers by providing a realistic sense of your product. Now your potential buyers will get an even more interactive experience and a better feel of your products.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business. You want your customers to remember your brand, and associate it with your products. By incorporating branding into your 360 interactive spins, you make sure your customers associate your product with your brand. Branding spins gives you increased brand visibility while providing your customers with a more interesting product viewing experience. Because spins are interactive, your customers are more likely to remember the experience, and therefore remember your brand. (more…)

One of the great things about Arqspin interactive 360 photography software is that it makes embedding spins into a variety of platforms extremely simple. Depending on your product and which platform you are using, you may have different ways you want your users to interact with your spin. Thankfully, Arqspin software gives you several options for how your embedded spin will behave. We talked about the basics of embedding spins here, but if you’re still unsure about what all the embedding options do, this guide should help. 

When you click “embed a spin” you are prompted to select spin dimensions, choose between HTML5 and and flash viewers, and choose a combination of three interaction options: auto-rotate, auto-stop, and auto-load (auto-load is only available for HTML5 viewers). (more…)

Overland Arqspin 360 Software

Overland is a small family owned business based out of Fairfield, Iowa. It was founded by Jim Leahy, who hand-crafted beautiful, high-quality sheepskin coats, hats, mittens, and slippers- cutting and stitching everything himself. He set up the first Overland store in a small shop near the Rio Grande Valley. Jim’s popularity grew rapidly, and he employed local Taos artisans to help him craft his products. Today Overland has 16 store locations and a thriving internet business, all with a continued commitment to providing their customers with high-quality leather products. Overland uses Arqspin to provide their customers with interactive 360 spins of their purses, shoes and small leather accessories. I spoke with David Murphy, Overland’s photographer, to find out how Arqspin sets Overland apart. 


Arqspin interactive 360 photography VIAJIYU

VIAJIYU is a luxury shoe company that allows women to design their own shoes, and have them handcrafted by some of the finest shoemakers in Italy. Based out of Florence, they feature 16 different styles of shoes, each of which can be constructed in a seemingly endless array of exquisite leathers, suedes, fabrics and embellishments. VIAJIYU was founded by Nicole Still three years ago with the belief that women should take the road less traveled. They firmly believe in the #nohighheels movement, and pride themselves on offering both comfort and one-of-a-kind style to their customers. They use Arqspin software to capture interactive 360 views of each of the custom shoes they make, and then use that gallery to provide inspiration as customers embark on their made-to-order journey. (more…)

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