It’s now possible to add interactive 360 spins from your Arqspin account to Apple iBooks using the Arqspin iBook Widget. This new widget works seamlessly with Apple’s iBooks Author, the official content creation tool for the popular iBooks interactive publishing platform.

Arqspin iBook Widget

The Arqspin iBook Widget lets your readers enjoy fully interactive 360 spins with intuitive zoom, pan, and spin through touch gestures familiar to anyone who has read an iBook. The widget also provides a preview of the spin that fits seamlessly within the page of an iBook, which may be surrounded by text, images, and other multimedia elements. The user can access a fully interactive version of the spin by tapping on this preview. This causes the spin to take up the entire screen for detailed inspection and easy manipulation.

The Arqspin iBook Widget offers are a great new way to easily create interactive and engaging content for the iPhone/iPad line of devices. We envision a number of exciting application areas. For example, imagine a chemistry textbook that contains spins of complex 3D molecules and proteins in place of the usual flat two-dimensional images. Or a cookbook complete with interactive spins highlighting key steps in a recipe. Or, what about an iPad sales catalog that includes interactive spins of your entire inventory that your sales team can carry with them in the field to use during pitches and sales calls? The number of ways to utilize the new Arqspin iBook Widget is bounded only by your creativity, and we’re very excited to see all the unique and original applications that it can serve.

How to Get Started

Arqspin iBook Widgets are easy to create from your existing spin library. By following these detailed instructions you will be able to create a widget and insert it into an iBook in only a matter of seconds. All that’s required is Apple’s free iBooks Author application, and the Arqspin iBook Widgets that you would like to add. You can retrieve widgets for your spins by contacting us as described in the instructions above. Once you’ve completed your iBook, it can be easily published to the iBooks Store, or shared over the Internet in a number of ways.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more and tell us a bit about your project.