The Arqspin Magento extension is free on Magento Connect

The Arqspin Magento extension is free on Magento Connect


We’re excited to announce the Arqspin extension for Magento, a leading e-commerce software provider for the top 500 e-retailers in the United States and Canada.

Arqspin user Tyler Cunningham, director of sales and marketing at Convoy Technologies, uses Magento to power his company’s military grade cameras, monitors, and fleet solutions e-commerce site. After creating his first round of spins, his web development team found that they couldn’t apply the spins to the Magento platform.

We knew it was important to resolve this issue not only for our existing customers, but for anyone using Magento that might someday want to implement simple 360 product photography into their website.

We partnered with OnePica, a Magento Gold Partner, to address this challenge. OnePica specializes in using Magento’s enterprise platform to build e-commerce sites for its customers, so we knew their expertise would be invaluable in this process. With OnePica and the developers at Convoy Technologies, we created an extension that seamlessly integrates our spins into the Magento platform.

With the Arqspin Magento extension, it’s simple for Tyler to integrate spins into Convoy Technologies’ website.

“It helps having the 360 view of your products versus a straight shot or an angled shot, which doesn’t really capture the full dimensions of a product,” says Tyler.

Greg Mills, the solution architect at OnePica, says the extension allows store administrators to simply select a spin from their library and attach it to products.

“The spin can either be assigned as the main image, or as part of the media gallery,” says Greg.

If you’re already a Magento user, check out the free Arqspin extension in the Magento Connect store. We’d love to help you bring your business to the next level with simple, interactive 360 photography. If you’re in need of an e-commerce website or want to improve the one you have, our partners at OnePica are experts in creating innovative websites on the Magento platform. | |