Creative product photography is an important opportunity to show your audience that your product or brand is unique. If done right, your photos will stand out and engage your audience more effectively, drawing more clicks and eventually, more sales. Once you understand the basics of product photography, it’s time to get innovative with your process.

Here are nine great product photography ideas that will get creative your juices flowing and help you produce interesting and unique photos:

Idea #1: Backgrounds & Props

Rather than use a solid color backdrop and empty set to sell a product with a specific use, try setting up a scene that places the product in its intended setting. Different environments and props can go a long way in helping potential customers imagine the product for their own use.

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Idea #2: Photo Manipulation

It can be difficult to demonstrate a product’s core offering, specifically if it doesn’t come across visually. A workaround to this issue is in the editing process, where clever use of imagery can effectively communicate exactly what a traditional photograph cannot.

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Idea #3: Product In Background

In certain cases, the desired capability of a product is its ability to fit seamlessly into a customer’s situation. A cool way of portraying this is to show the product in the scope of its use or intended environment, but not as a main subject.

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Idea #4: Stand-Alone Product

Contrary to our last point, there are other situations where it can be a great idea to display the product on its own. This is a great concept for promoting innovative or complicated items confidently, while emphasizing their simplicity.

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Idea #5: 360° Spinning Product

An ideal way to give your customers an immersive experience with a product before purchasing is with a Arqspin 360° spin. These high-quality video loops give customers control over what they see and allows you to display every detail of your business’s offering.

Idea #6: Suspended Product

Hanging products is a great concept for showcasing their strengths or actions with a DIY approach. A mid-air positioning can dramatize a shot and create a lasting, imaginative impression on your audience.

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Idea #7: People with Product

If a core offering of your product is how people will interact with it, why not include people in the shot? Rather than show just details and specifications, “humanize” your product to give it a more personable and inviting feel.

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Idea #8: All Product Options

Your business has many customizable iterations of the same product, so don’t just talk about it – show them all. Rather than simply saying you offer different styles or size, emphasize the scope of your full offering by capturing them all in your product photography.

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 Idea #9: Freeze Frame Photography

The motion captured in a freeze frame shot can show a product in its most important moment of use for customers. If you’re looking to demonstrate that your product was designed with a specific use in mind, this a perfect idea for your product’s photo.     

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