Marcone content studio featuring arqspin software and turntables

Marcone’s content studio featuring Arqspin software and turntables

Marcone is an appliance part distributor based out of St. Louis, MO. They started their company in 1932 when their founder, Harry Markow, went door-to-door selling rebuilt vacuum cleaners. Marcone is now the world’s leading appliance part exporter and distributer, with both domestic and international customers. Since signing up for Arqspin one year ago, Marcone has created over 15,000 spins. They average more than 85 unique spins per day, making them one of our largest spin producers. I spoke with Kati Underwood, the manager of their content studio, to find out how they create so many spins and how Arqspin helps Marcone stay ahead of their competition. (more…)

Here at Arqspin, we pride ourselves on giving you and your customers the best 360 interactive photography experience possible. Much of this experience is related to how your spins are hosted, and how your customers are able to access and interact with your spins. Spin hosting is built into your Arqspin subscription, but we still get a lot of questions about self-hosting your spins.

Letting Arqspin host your spins is similar to using Youtube or Vimeo for video hosting. You still control how spins are shown on your site, but we handle all the technical aspects of delivering your spin to the viewer. We described the advantages of letting Arqspin host your spins in our blog article 7 Benefits of Arqspin Data Hosting, but we didn’t really delve into the dangers of self-hosting. If you are still contemplating self-hosting your spins, read on to see why hosting your own spins is just not worth it.


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