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You’ve embedded your spins into your website, but what about all of your social media channels? Since you’ve invested the time in creating spins, you might as well share them in as many places as possible. Here’s Arqspin’s social media spin sharing guide on how to share your spins on your favorite social networks.


A product photography background is an essential part of your studio setup. You want a well lit, white (usually), seamless background to achieve photos that are detailed and not ruined by harsh light or shadows. A proper background also reduces the amount of post production work that’s needed. You can buy, or make, your background for your photo studio, depending on your budget and how much time you’d like to invest in getting it set up. Here’s some options for both.


Product photography is essential to any e-commerce site, but it doesn’t always have to be the same white backdrop, DSLR, Photoshop song and dance. Besides the necessary lighting and setup, there are a range of unique product photography tools out there to ease or enhance your process. Here are some of our favorites.



Motorcycles 508’s GoPro camera rigging for capturing 360 spins


Alan Veracka, owner of Motorcycles 508, has been selling motorcycles all his life. “We started in the business in 1978 so I’ve been doing it for 36 years,” he says.

Motorcycles 508, based in Brockton, Massachusetts, sells “a little bit of everything,” from $2,000 motorcycles to $20,000 ones. Their customer base is a large mix, which includes 20-somethings along with Harley guys in their 50s. They also have an online store where they sell helmets and motorcycle apparel. Motorcycles 508 has been using Arqspin for its online business for about six months. Just recently, they began experimenting with a GoPro camera and some rigging to capture 360 spins of motorcycles.



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