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Arqspin is normally used to create black or white backdropped 360 product images. But lately we’ve been thinking about new ways to use our system, and we came up with the Arqspin Product Pano Spin. The way it works is you put your product AND your camera or smartphone on a turntable together. Put them directly across the table from one another so that when the turntable spins, the camera is constantly facing the product and capturing the environment spinning around it.


Google 360 product images launched in 2012. Just recently, Google Shopping updated its mobile features, so you can now see 360 product views of items right on your phone or tablet. Below is what Google 360 product images look like. To experience one of their 360 product views in action for yourself, search for “Google Nexus 10” and click on the “3D” link that appears over the Nexus 10 photo.


Best Buy Canada's 360 Photo Studio

Best Buy Canada’s 360 photo studio


Best Buy Canada has been an Arqspin customer since 2012, and has created thousands of high quality spins with their incredible 360 photography studio. They use these spins for Best Buy, and for their subsidiary company Future Shop, Canada’s largest consumer electronics retailer. One of the things Best Buy likes about Arqspin is the speed and efficiency of the 360 workflow, which allows them to efficiently capture, edit, and deploy 360 spins on their site. A key factor in achieving this goal has been the Arqspin Query API. The API has enabled Best Buy to seamlessly and quickly add spins to any one of their thousands of product pages.



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