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We love seeing how our users implement 360 spins into their websites. But did you know you can use your spins as animated GIFs, too? GIFs, or graphics interchange format, are supported by nearly every web browser and email client. GIFs allow you to embed a short, looping video of your spin into a range of media without the need to be clicked on to display the content. As attention spans on the Internet continue to dwindle, GIFs are a quick and easy way to catch your audience’s attention. Here are three ways you can use your 360 spins as GIFs:


Organizing spins has been difficult for some of our users. To address this challenge, we’re introducing our new tags feature. Tags are the best way to give our users organization as well as flexibility. The benefit to using tags versus traditional folders is that each spin can have more than one tag, but it wouldn’t be able to exist in more than one folder.


Arqspin customers are free to create unlimited spins so they can capture the perfect view of their products. But where do these spins go? To the cloud—a network of computers distributed around the world that store your data. We host your spins using Amazon’s CloudFront Content Delivery Network. We get a lot of questions about how our data hosting service works and why it’s a good idea to let us host your spins, so we thought we’d compile a list of benefits.


A new way of looking at industrial supply products

Closing industrial supply sales with 360 photography

Robert Quarantello is a sales and marketing manager at First Place Supply, a Houston, Texas-based industrial supply distributor whose customers can be categorized as the “DIY homeowner type.”

He loves working for a small business, where he feels like his input and ideas can actually make a difference. Robert has been using Arqspin on First Place Supply’s website for about nine months.



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