What a week! Our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded after an 11th hour rush of activity. Here is a graph of our funding progress over the 30-day campaign (note the exciting trend toward the end!):

Kickstarter Funding Graph

Now we’re beginning the important business of satisfying rewards. We’ve already placed a big order for motors, PCBs, aluminum, acrylic, etc. and we’ll start creating the “service” rewards early this week (e.g., making cool unique spins for people who pledged at the $25 level). We will also send out the survey through the Kickstarter website soon to collect color preferences, shipping addresses, etc.

A number of you have asked about the small blue iPhone holder that appears in some of our marketing materials and in the Kickstarter video. That is something that we 3D printed ourselves. It still has a few small design flaws; once we refine the design to something we are happy with, we will share the STL files so anyone can print their own.

Another big thanks to all of our supporters out there! Many of you have sent us photographs of yourself that we have displayed on our wall. Thanks! We cherish our early adopters and want to keep you front and center in our thinking. Please keep sending them to support@arqball.com along with any other feedback.

We love the Simpsons – well, who doesn’t? The spin above was captured in the Kid Robot store in SoHo. We used our free App Arqball Spin and a custom stage, small enough to fit inside of your bag. Currently we’re raising money for design and manufacturing of stages – click on our Kickstarter campaign on the right of our blog →

We loved the Simpsons spin so much that it seemed like a good idea to celebrate by visiting Peter Pan Donuts. Since Homer loves donuts with sprinkles, we started off with a traditional half-and-half chocolate sprinkles. I took a bite right where they meet – what I’ve labeled the “sweet spot.”


313 2ND ST SE #110